Natural Resource

Natural Resource

I’ve built up extensive forestry contacts and we work together to select the best contract loggers and the highest-paying log buyers. We follow that up with solid forest practices to begin growing the asset again immediately. I even do a little sawing myself, which has provided me with a much more comprehensive understanding of timber value.


Sorting trees here. Picking a good contract logger is not easy and there is an immense difference in net profit over time when logs are efficiently harvested, carefully sorted and marketed to the highest-value buyer. Then the next 60 years worth of asset value is determined by the quality of reforestation. If you fail to get this right, you children and grandchildren will bear the consequences.

This was a 40 acre parcel that had been heavily thinned but not re-planted previously. The brush was overwhelming any new growth and the remaining trees/acre were adding little value. We clear-cut this one in order to pay start a new stand with the best growing conditions. The stand in the background is a 30 year old stand that ranges from slightly under to very overstocked. We will thin that this summer, leave the best trees for the future and with reduced competition, those trees will add maximum value for a future harvest. There is no better way to provide for your children and Grandchildren than a great stand of Douglas Fir and helping them understand the long-term nature of the investment.


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